2001 Ford Focus - Turn Signals Not Working When Hot

My turn signals do not work when the outside and inside temperature is hot. They do work if I turn on the air conditioner cooling off the inside. If it’s cool out they work just fine. The fuses have been changed. What’s up?

If I were to guess, the multi-function switch is being effected by the temperature.



Concur w/above post, mostly likely you need a new multifunction switch. Sometimes called “combination switch”. The part doesn’t cost much, less than $50, but the steering wheel probably has to be removed to replace it. Still not that big of job, guessing around $200 parts and labor. Some diagnosis is in order before replacing the switch b/c there are other failure modes.

Did you get your turn signal problem fixed? I have similar issue in a 2003 wagon where the turn signals and a few other “timed” functions don’t work when weather is warm and car interior is warm. Other functions that have issues are intermittent wipers, front wash wiper, Rear wiper normal mode, which is a timed wipe, and the rear wash, which like the front runs for a brief time period. All those issues are running through steering wheel column multifunctions switches, both sides. Another timed issue that doesn’t run through them is the interior light timed off once you close door and the auotlock of doors once you sift to drive and start driving a bit. I tried putting a different cool GEM in the car when the car and GEM that had been in it were warm and and it didn’t get things working.