2001 Ford Focus front end work

01 Focus, front driver side lower control arm rusted through. During the event the cv shaft was yanked apart as well. Any suggestions as to what else I should replace while attempting this repair? Tie rod comes to mind. Anything else? I’m ok with doing the work, but I’m not super familiar with this kind of work and I don’t want to have to disassemble things twice.
Wouldn’t mind an opinion on whether I should do other side as well - if this side is rusted through, how far off could the other side be?

If your control arm rusted off, there is probably severe rust problems under there elsewhere. This would need a very close and thorough inspection. There’s a good likelyhood that the rust damage does not warrant repairs. Living in the snow and salt belt I know that chasing rust is like working on 100 year old plumbing. You never stop repairing until it has all been replaced. You might consider replacing this car.

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Replace both lower control arms. Check the condition of both cv shafts carefully. Wiggle the tie rod ends…if the more easily but are still not sloppy, leave them, they are easy to replace. Look carefully at the subrame cradle the suspension bolts to. Rusted subframes are a thing with these cars.

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Thanks guys. I’m going to get under it tomorrow and see if I can assess how bad it is and go from there. It’s my kids car and his pockets are not very deep so I’m hoping it’s salvageable.
Rockauto has a kit with both arms and tie rods for 140, add in the cv axle and we’re still under 200, not desirable (I’ll end up paying and doing most of the work) but cheaper than another running car.