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Ford 500 ac - recharge

I am a owner of a 2005 Ford 500 and I want to recharge my AC myself and need to know where at on the car’s engine the recharge connection is? Manuals do not go that in-depth. Thanks for the help.

Mike Helton

West Palm Beach, FL

A car that new shouldn’t need to be recharged yet. Something is really wrong with your HVAC system. If you simply recharge it, chances are it’ll leak right back out. Have a shop perform a dye test on it to see where the refridgerent is going.

I have to agree with Fo. I suggest having someone with the right equipment and experience check it out and do whatever is needed. You are lucky as you should have a choice of knowledgeable and less expensive techs available.

i just had to have my car a/c purged and then had freon and leak dye put in.i need to drive it for a couple of get it thru the system.and he will use some type of tool that will detect the leak/or see the dye.i was told i have a leak that you shold never have to recharge the a/c unit.and you dont want to over charge the a/c your ford still under warranty?they sell freon at most auto parts stores. take it to a a/c shop .for the peace of could be a number of things good luck