2001 Ford F-150 #- Problems accelerating

having problems with my 2001 ford f150 with loosing power when i try to accelerate. The truck has a 4.2 V6 dont understand what is going on.

Is the CEL on?

fuel, air intake, and exhaust system restrictions are a common cause. If you don’t want to do the testing necessary to know for sure, and there’s no diagnostic codes, you could try replacing the fuel filter and the engine air filter. Might help. Could be a clogged cat too although that would usually produce a diagnostic code. A clogged exhaust system usually shows up with an intake manifold vacuum test, fairly easy to do. Best of luck.

Note: If, by “losing power” you mean the engine rpms speed up but the vehicle slows down, that’s usually a transmission problem.

Neither do we with that wonderfully vague description. For instance, “losing power”
Electrical power, Motive power, Will power.
Is the CEL on, does the RPM increase while the speed decreases. C’mon Joe give us something to work with.

i bet the floormat is bunched up under the gas pedal.