2001 F-150 SKIPS, KICKS or misses hard bewteen 40 and 60MPH



My 2001 Ford F-150 4.2L V6 automatic with 120000 miles, has developed an issue where the car kicks, jumps or skips hard. This is most noticeable between 40 and 60MPH. It may happen at lower speeds but I can not feel it. If I floor the pedal I can accelerate through this problem. If I slow down below 60 then pick up speed again it will repeat. I do not have this issue at all if I am above 65. Transmission ? Thanx


Possibly. Have you kept up with the transmission fluid and filter changes at the scheduled mileages?


Good Point. I have been told this and I am scheduled to do this this week. I will update you. Thanx.


An engine misfire is almost sure to cause the CEL to come on, and probably blink… Check the EGR system too…