2003 Ford Explorer 4wd 6cyl loss of power and speed


About halfway through my 600 mile trip, I started to experience a lack of power at about 65mph. It took a bit of doing to get it upto 65. The next day I started to check the obvious things air filter, pcv. They were in decent shape,but I decided to replace them anyway. I added fuel injector cleaner to the the tank. Took it for a test drive - no change; the problem acutally got worse. I was going to the parts store for a fuel filter. Shortly I could not get over 30. RPM’s were very limited when trying to rev the engine in park. I have my suspicion, what do you think?


Did you try the new fuel filter yet?


I have the same symptoms after changing the fuel filter


Is the CEL on? If the problem is mis-fire or ignition related, the ODB-II system should detect it, and set a trouble code.

If not, the problem is typically fuel and fuel delivery. I’d check the fuel pressure. The problem could be with the pump or the regulator. A pressure test can eliminate both of these.


Thanks, the CEL is on. I will check the codes and get back to you.


It turns out that there is a hole in my intake manifold which is made of some sort of plastic. How the heck could this happen.