Sudden shut down

Sometimes when I start my car, it starts okay, then the rpm drops and it just suddenly shuts down. This doesn’t happy all the time. So far it has happened twice 2 weeks apart. Anyone have any idea what this is, or if I should be concerned? I also noticed that my Rpms vary each time I start my car, on the days that it lower, that appears to be when it shuts down, otherwise it works fine.

The trouble could be with the fuel system but it also could be in the ignition system.

I forgot to add: if it does shut down, but I pump gas into it, then it goes back to idle speed. Also all of this occured not long after I got my oil changed

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Maintenance record (in detail)?

Are you saying that, “As the engine seems about to stall, I (tiffchen) can work the throttle and prevent the engine from stalling.”?

yes, sorry for not being clear…but if I pump gas as the rpm is lowering as apears as if it will stall, then the engine doesn’t stall.

I think that the oil change is likely coincidental.

Is the check engine light on?

My first guess would be the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. It is what regulates the amount of air going into the motor at idle. If pressing the gas keeps it running that would be b/c your opening the throttle lets air in while the valve is not - it would be stick closed or partially closed or operating erratically.

IACs can be cleaned and tested.

no lights are on…thanks for the response…I’ll look into the IAC