Low RPM's and Stalling when Starting


I have a 95 Ford Contour, V6. For a couple of months I noticed that immediatly after I start the car in the morning, the rpm’s drop very low and the car would almost stall but didn’t actually stall. There was also some hesitation until the car warmed up a couple of minutes.

In the past week, the rpm’s dropped so low that the car stalled immediately after starting. If I give it a little gas immediately after I turn the car over, I can stop it from stalling.

Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance!


CEL is not on? If true, try giving it just a tiny amount of pressure on the accel pedal. If that fixes it, it is probably the IAC (idle air control) valve.


Thanks for you reply. The CEL is NOT on. I tried doing some other research and the IAC valve came up several times. Looks like you might be onto something. I’ll have my mechanic take a look at it.


You can checked to see if the IAC valve is working by disconnecting the connector going into the back of it. I’d put the AC on (high)to the point of the car almost stalling, then pull the connector out and put it back in. If the IAC is working properly you should at least get a “bump” in acceleration.