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2001 Ford Escape shifts erradically

I own a 2001 Ford Escape. The vehicle down shifts while travelling at constant speed. I have had the vehicle inspected…Ford service said it need a new torque converter, however a second opinion tranimission specialist said no the torque converter was okay. Had my regular mechanic checking the vehicle for sensors etc and he could not correct the problem. I am looking for any suggestions…

Has it had any error codes? Has anyone checked? Has anyone checked the transmission fluid for quality and quantity? How many miles on the transmission and has it ever been serviced?

Not sure about the error codes, but I don’t think so because there is no engine service light. The first time I took it in, it was to Ford. On that visit they performed a complete trani service and test. They said there was no problem with the trani.The problem persisted, so I took it back to Ford, and I test drove the vehicle with the service tech, to demonstrate the problem. When we tested it, the service tech had me push the od button off just after the trani shifted and it did shift out of od up to 2500-3000 rpm. When in od travelling from 45 to 55 mph it shifts from 1500 rpm to 2000 rpm. It usually happens when there is a slight deceleration and I mean slight. It is really bad when in cruise. The vehicle has 80k.
On the second visit to Ford they said it needed a new torque converter $1200. So I took it to an independent trani service shop, they did a complete test, recognized the problem, but said it was not the trani or the torque converter. I then took it to my mechanic, who tested for other problems, I expect he checked for engine codes but I am not sure. My mechanic checked a couple of things, a vacuum line, but could not determine the cause of the problem.
I would really appreciate knowing what is causing this problem it is a real nuiscence. Ford told me that if I did not repair the torque converter soon that it waould cause greater damage. Thanks for your consideration…

I have since had the torque coverter replaced and had the trani rebuild. The shift skipping I’ve explained still persists even after the pcm has reset. It actually is equally as bad, so all I have to look forward to is rebuilding the trani again within the next couple of years. Is there a chance this vehicle requires a new pcm? Love to talk to click n’ clack about this one, they’d have a bsll with it!

I have read that the factory suggested that you put mercon V fluid in and there are many people who swear that using normal mercon (not mercon V) will help this problem. I have an escape and this spring it will be getting mercon with the trans flush

Thanks gofast…I’ll talk to my mechanic about it and see what he thinks…I hope you’re right!