2009 Ford Escape Shifting

I bought a new 2009 escape with a 6 cylinder engine and 6 speed transmission. At first it would hesitate starting from stop. This was thrilling while making a left turn across traffic bearing down on me. Once moving, it would shift rough. The dealer said that it needed reprogrammed which they did but there was little improvement. Back to the dealership and this time they did nothing saying that ‘it’s working within spec’. Not satisfied I went to another dealer and they said the axle and seals needed replaced because it was leaking fluid. After 3 weeks I get it back and it does work better at lower speeds around town but it still has the problem of a hard jerk coming out of over drive during acceleration onto the interstate. The mechanic went for a ride with me, said this isn’t right and that it felt like an engine mount problem? I know this is a popular vehicle but I’m throughly discouraged with mine which only has 19,000 miles on it. Anyone with similar experience or ideas on the real cause and how to fix it?

If 2 different dealerships do not seem to be able to fully resolve the problems that you are having, it is time to “kick it up a notch” by getting Ford involved at the corporate level.

Open the Owner’s Manual, and you will find contact information (both toll-free phone number and mailing address) for Ford’s corporate customer service folks. At this point, it is necessary for a Regional Service Supervisor (or whatever Ford calls these staff members) to take a look at your car, and you can inititiate the process by contacting the folks in Detroit.