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Ford Escape missing and shaking problems

This is for anyone that may have a 2001 Ford Escape or later and having problems with missing, low power and shaking when going up an incline. I have had problems with my escape for the last two years missing and missing and more missing. Have replaced Coil packs and spark plugs several of them. Well back in June I let the Mechanic have it for almost 3 months. All 6 coil packs were changed, spark plugs included, all vacuum hoses, belts, water pump, front CAT already had new radiator replaced last year. Had two broken wires leading from the PCM to the fuel injectors 1 and 5, he re did the wiring harness there and checked the fuel injectors. After all done that could be done, I took my car back and it was purring like a kitten, on a flat surface that is…after driving it for several days, headed to another city and had several small inclines to go up, not bad ones, and between 45 and 50 mph, my escape started to shake, miss, and make noise, not a loud noise, but enough to get my attention, and the check engine light started going on and off. Today I took it back to my mechanic, he went on a test drive with me, (me driving) and it duplicated the problem. Went back to his shop, put the code machine on it, and no codes, I asked him if he had serviced my transmission like I asked, and he checked with his other mechanics and they said no, that the transmission fluid seemed okay, figured it didn’t need it. Well guess what it did. So if ya’ll are till haveing problems after you have replaced the coil packs, check for electrical issue around fuel injectors, and your front CAT, mine was full of fuel, then make sure you service the transmission, and you’ll have the best little ride ever!!!

I don’t think what you were experiencing was a “miss” at all, but the transmission hunting between having the torque converter locked up and not locked. Modern transmission fluid has to be able to conduct electricity. Otherwise the transmission can’t communicate properly with its computer. When the fluid “wears out” it is no longer electrolytic. You get the results you experienced.

I also think you need a new mechanic.

check engine light flashing = severe misfire

Thanks MG, but yes I did have a miss, because when put on the code detector, the numbers 1,3.and 6 coil packs were bad, it wasn’t my mechanic that didn’t service the transmission, it was his son that took it upon himself to decide it didn’t need it. One I took his father on a road trip, he immediately knew what the rest of my problem was, so he completely serviced my transmission, and now all is good. I wouldn’t change mechanics for anything in the world, for the service I received on my car at any other mechanic shop would have cost me well over 2000.00 in labor and parts, I paid less than 1000.00 for parts and labor, and I have an automobile that will give me at least another 150,000 miles.