2001 Dodge Ram 1500 - VIN question

I would like to know if I could use a vin number to see if the truck has a back seat

if it is a quad cab or Club Cab then it does.

You have a VIN but have not seen the truck or pictures of it ? Can’t you call who ever has it and ask them ?


Dealerships often require you tell them the VIN before they’ll sell you parts, to avoid selling the customer a part that won’t fit that particular car’s configuration. So it seems like you could ask your questions at a dealership, maybe frame it as asking for a part regarding the back seat. If the vin for the truck in questions says it doesn’t have a back seat they’ll say so I presume.

Is there some reason you can’t ask whoever has possession of the truck to look to see if it has a back seat? Seems an easier way … lol …

Enter your VIN here.

And it’ll list what all came in your RAM.



I didn’t try the link Tester provided, but I have always had good luck with FCA RAM

Using the same VIN teh FCA Ram decoder actually showed all the optional and standard features on the truck.

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Sounds like someone’s looking to buy something “sight unseen”, usually not a good idea.

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