I think I Have A Problem

Here’s my situation. And maybe I’ll give too much information (but it’s better than not enough)

Bought a 1990 Ford Crew cab, manual transmission, diesel engine (7.3 idi) dually pickup. It was purchased from a friend who bought it in Ohio (thought he could fix it quick-- We’re in PA). Ran the VIN last night so I could find SPECIFIC parts for the pick up. What the VIN pulled up was a regular cab, automatic transmission with a gasoline engine.

I just got it titled for PA and the title did say gasoline engine but I assumed it was just a clerical error and would have gotten it fixed eventually. Figured it wasn’t a HUGE deal since I was still restoring the truck and it wasn’t close to being road worthy.

So, what do I do with this mess now? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Does the VIN on the title match the VIN on the truck?

That’s a no. I just went to check

Sounds like you have a truck with no title and you registered a truck that you don’t have. You should stop working on the truck, try to locate the owner and see if you can obtain the correct title.

If the title you have is for a 1/2 ton the registration fee is less than that of the GVWR of a 1 ton, an officer may pick up on that and pull you over.

Now look at that fine mess you’ve gotten me into.
A friend of mine told me many times: Choose your friends carefully and then think it over one more time.
I would - with the respect of an honest mistake from Your friend - take it back to him and say, that the deal has to go back. Whatever You have spent on the car is on You. You should have checked the VIN before You handed over the money.
I would/will never buy a vehicle - not even a parts car - without checking the VIN number. Could be an insurance company was/is searching for it.

Your Department of Motor Vehicles should be able to offer guidance on this. They might also check the VIN history to see if there appears to be anything nefarious in the truck’s history. If there is, you’re better to find out now than later.