2001 Dodge Ram 1500 - Sluggish Start & Jerky 1mph stop?

I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 w/70K miles. Just started experiencing the odd issue. Tow parts to it: (1) when i start it feels like i’m towing a trailer and have to give it much gas to get going. (2) when i come to a complete stop…the very final 1mph part of it, it jerks, or lurches. I tried gas cleaner treatment, water remover from gas treatment and replaced the TPS (throttle position sensor). Still have the issue??? Could it be the gas filter (in the tank)?

Assuming that this truck has an automatic transmission…
Have you checked the level, color, and odor of the transmission fluid?

Again–beginning with the assumption that this truck has an automatic trans…
When was the last time that the trans fluid was changed?
By my reckoning, it should have been serviced 3 times so far, based on elapsed time.


If your torque converter has a problem, it could cause exactly the problem you describe.

The guy at Checker had said the same thing. I checked the level and it was full and it was a nice pink color, so clean. I’m not exactly sure on when i changed it last though. It is an automatic transmission. thx! Bill

“I’m not exactly sure on when i changed it last.”

That probably means that it is overdue for servicing.

If you don’t retain maintenance records, how do you know when it is time for a particular maintenance procedure to be done again?

When I sell my old cars, the new owner gets all of the maintenance receipts as well as a chart that I have kept over the years, showing all maintenance in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time. That way, at a glance, I knew when specific maintenance procedures were due. And, if the new owner bothers to refer to my chart, he/she will also know when something is due.