Silverado issues - from a stop it hesitates and jerks

This only happens when I start from a dead stop. I press the gas, nothing happens for about 2 seconds, then is jerks and takes off like normal??

Any ideas??

Edit: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, 1500, 5.3

Does your truck have the start/stop function? Try driving with the start/stop turned off.

Do you left foot brake? If you press the gas when your left foot is still in the brake this can happen on later model Silverados.

Yes, but the OP did not tell us about the model year of the truck, so…

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I know, that was part of the reason I asked the question.
As with so many initial posts no mention of year, mileage, transmission, engine, or CEL status.


sounds suspiciously like low trans fluid to me. Do you have a transmission leak? or have you recently had any work done?

My bad. It’s a 2014, 1500, 5.3

I have recently had work done yes but not on the transmission. I’ll check the fluid tomorrow. Thanks

Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.


Check engine light on at idle . . . ?!

so… what work was recently done??

try changing the clutch

Seriously ? Are you just guessing at these answers you are posting ?


not that i have ownership of such a car

This truck has an automatic transmission.


Then that should make a clutch swap super easy!

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Not if it’s a clutch pack in the transmission!


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Huh . . . ?!


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Not one of his answers on this forum make any sense.


Steward-R made 7 goofy posts in his first hour of joining the Forum . Is there an Award for that ?

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