2001 dodge grand caravan rear drums jammed/locked



I drove my 2001 Grand caravan sport from michigan to Dallas and parked in my friend’s garage. When I went back to my friend’s home after 30 days to get my minivan, first it could not start, the battery was too low. I called AAA and jump started. It started fine and when I put on Reverse but the minivan would not move. It’s not going forward or backward. I called AAA guy again and he said may be the rear drums are jammed. I called near by mechanic and he said we need to cut the drums and put the new ones. My question is: has anybody encounted this problem with minivan/car? Please advice.


I own a 2000 Olds Silhouette and have never had anything come even close to that.

Sometimes the parking brake (if left activated for a period of time) will seize, but both drums? Never.

UNLESS, your van has a parking brake in both rear wheels. Even then I’d doubt it.


The parking brake for this model actuates both rear brakes. Actually, I’ve not heard of a parking brake on a modern vehicle that applies only one rear brake. If the car were to slip out of park, instead of holding the car in place, the car would pivot around the braked wheel.

Even a jammed parking brake shouldn’t be powerful enough to hold the car. I know it doesn’t sound like a pretty thought, but go ahead and shift it into drive and give it some gas. Up the throttle until the car starts to move… or the front wheels break free and start spinning. Make it quick though, prolonged stress of this kind isn’t great for the transmission and torque converter, but a few seconds won’t hurt. It should seem obvious, but if your front wheels start churning up a cloud of smoke, then your rear wheels are probably jammed up. Or, if the car starts to move and the rear wheels are dragged across the pavement instead of turning, also a dead giveaway.

You can check the p-brake by getting under the car and finding the cable. It should be routed near the edge of the underbody, on the driver’s side. If it’s taught, then the brakes are stuck. Yank it a few times and see if it frees up.



Yep, you’re correct BR. Both rear wheels. I didn’t stop to think long enough when I posted, I guess?!