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Radiator Fan Sensor '97 Grand Caravan

How do I locate and test the radiator fan sensor for a 1997 Grand Caravan with a 3.3L SMPI V-6 engine?
Thanks for all your wonderful help in the past.

The radiator fans are controled by the Powertrain control module based on inputs from the coolant teperature sensor, A/C pressure transducer and transmission fluid temperature sensor. The easy way to check these is to monitor them with a scan tool.

You can test the coolant temp sensor and A/C pressure transducer with a volt/ohm meter but if you have no power to the fans (when the engine is hot) there is a 98% chance the fan relay has failed.

The radiator fan relay is located on the left frame rail next to the air cleaner. You can access the relay to test/replace from under the vehicle or by removing the air cleaner assembly.