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2001 Dodge Durango Electric Fan issue

Can anyone tell me if the electric fan on my 2001 Durango has a fan switch that control it. The fan isn’t turning as fast as it should to cool the engine down, it only turns fast when the AC is turned on. The schematic I have shows a water temperature sensor which I have located and a Fan switch that runs to the Fan Relay that the electric fan goes to. I NEED SOME HELP LOCATING THE FAN SWITCH. Thank you all

I have a problem with my fan also on my 2000 durango but it doesn’t turn on in idle when the truck starts overheating but it revs high as i move to cool down the fan but at a standstill it doesn’t seem to do anything. Yes i know that was a 2013 i am responding to but 1. i just joined and have been 2 having this problem for a while. (even with the ac running) maybe just a new fan?

The radiator fan motor may have failed. Check for power and ground at the fan motor connector, it is located below the radiator.

you may want to check electric fan relay. Perhaps a couple of bumps with the handle of a screwdriver. It the fan starts replace the relay. If the fan works while the AC is on there is nothing wrong with the fan or fan motor.

Every time my Corolla’s electric motor driven radiator fan has failed, it was caused by the temperature switch which is screwed into the cooling jacket. Neither the motor nor the relay has ever failed. Suspect something that controls the fan and which screws into the cooling jacket first.