2001 Chevy Venture WB Minivan

My 2001 Chevy Venture with a little over 80K has a tendency to announce itself to the world by itself. Occassionally, while driving down the road, the horn likes to blow.

I have had other electrical issues.

1. Traction control light coming on. I found a ground wire from the left rear taillight assy. burnt at the connection. I replaced the pigtail.

2. Fuel sending unit failure. I replaced the fuel sending unit with after market.

My van also has a gremlin. Windows that sometimes don’t want to go up or down, and ABS light that ocassionaly comes on.

The horn wiring in the steering column (under the the airbag where the clock-spring is) may by chafed.

I replaced the fuel (gauge) sending unit in my Silhouette with an OEM unit and it died after one year. Too expensive to fix and I don’t like the idea of having to put out $25 every oil change for a bottle of GMs fuel sender fixer either. (I’ve forgotten the name of the stuff)

So…I use the roof computer and trip counter to keep track. Eg., I filled the tank this AM and put on a round trip of 120 miles and the gauge still reads full.