2001 chevy venture v-6 makes clicking noise when trying to start

what is wrong with it? it will do it then it will start fine then do it again

Wait, so when you start the van, it clicks and doesn’t start, but when you crank it again, it will? Or did I get it wrong?

Also, how many miles are on the van?

it has like 117,000 miles and it only does it every once in a while it will start fine and then when you try to start it again it will click and whine but not grind like a starter do you think it might be the starter motor? i also get a security light on the panel and it will come up error on my radio

My neighbor’s truck did this. The cure was to disconnect the battery cables, file, or use a round wire brush, on the inner surfaces of the of the cable ends to remove the corrosion, smear with petroleum jelly, and reconnect the cables. Let us know the results.

REMOVE both battery cables and clean both the cables and battery posts with a tool made for that purpose. See how THAT works.

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