2001 chevy impala help

I have a 2001 impala and the trunk pops open after ive stopped and cut it off. this morning the interior lights started turning off and on the door locks engaged and disengaged and the door ajar light came on will pulling into the drive way and backing out. It stopped once i picked up some speed, but the security light came on. i need some help

Posted by: jwaters76

I’d say my first thought is dying battery or alternator. Next would be some other electrical gremlin. Your Impala didn’t happen to be used as a police car previously, did it? When they remove the police equipment, lots of electrical problems can pop up.

Have you changed the spark plugs? if that does not fix the problem, may be you should check if there is a diagnostic system factory recall from Chevy. May be is getting up there in millage and you must trade it in for a newer model. If your car is still under warranty, and there is a factory recall, they will fix it, free of charge.

How old and what is the voltage on your battery? A fully charged battery should be about 12.6 volts. When the battery on my 2000 Blazer was discharged down to 12.1 volts (25% charge), the idle was ~150 rpm higher and the torque converter lockup wouldn’t engage. After I charged the battery, the gremlims went away and have not recurred. Evidently a slight drop in voltage can cause the ECM or PCM to act up.

Ed B.