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2001 Chevrolet S-10 ABS and brake lights are on

abs and brake lights on. 2001 chevy s10 130000 miles.

The truck needs service NOW! Don’t even drive it. Tow it to a good independent mechanic.

The ABS light is on because the brake light is on. You need to have the system inspected to find out the problem. I can’t do that from the internet. Good luck.

Check the fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir.If it’s low top it off and that may take care of the lights. If not, as @Mustangman said you need to get to a shop. Your posting here indicates you are not familiar with even the basics of the brake system’s operation so play it safe for yourself and everyone around you.


When this happens to the 4 wheel drive one that I have, the wheel bearings on the front usually are the problem. It is important to have this serviced ASAP because they can lock up on you and cause a serious accident.