2001 Audi S8 water leaking


i own this fine vehicle but it has presented me with this issue and i need help. in the summer months when the air conditioning is in use, there is a back up of water. i can hear the water sloshing round when the air is on and when making sharp turns it actually drains out on the front floor, both driver and passenger sides. it has also overflowed out the backseat air vents. my mechanic has told me the drain on this vehicle is tiny and becomes clogged easily. the car is parked in my garage, not left out in the elements so i disagree. can someone help with cause and remedy?

YES…the cause is a clogged drain tube on your condenser (or is it evaporator damnit I always mix up the two) But at any rate vehicles with A/C have this unit Inside the cabin of the vehicle…in this box there is a component of the AC that gets cold…its like a small radiator…but gets cold instead of hot… When this gets cold the ambient air passes thru it and the water in the air condenses out… AH…its the condenser… LOL… Anyway this moisture that accumulates needs to drain out… This is the dripping that you see most vehicles in the summer…the tube usually exits the vehicle…near the firewall (your feet) UNDER the car… Look under your vehicle near the area of the passenger footwell…look for a rubber tube pointing down to the street… They get clogged with particulate, leaf matter, whatev… You need to run something up the end of this tube and clear it out…be prepared for a bunch of water to come flying out after you loosen the obstruction.

MANY MANY X this tube has a sort of “end” on it…this end looks like a flattened hose…it has a slit in the end… You basically need to squeeze this slit so it opens up and lets out the water and or leaf matter… after that the hose should be free of obstructions and easily let the water drip out. This end is on the drain tube so that nothing can go up in the tube from the outside.

Poke around like I said under the car near the passenger footwell area…you are looking for the drain tube… You should be able to find it without too much difficulty… It is important that you find it as you dont want to ruin your rugs.

Let me know if you cant find it and need more direction