2001 Acura TL Check Engine Light/ TCS Light

Check engine light and tcs light on after storage lasting 60 days. There is erratic idle what could it be?

CEL on means the computer has detected a problem and set a Diagnostic Trouble Code. This code is in the form of P0130, and will help narrow the problem. Depending on where you live, most auto parts stores can read the codes for free. Get the codes and post here for more advise.

The TCS light is on because the control module has detected a problem and disabled the Traction Control functions. This may require a visit to a dealer or specialized Acura/Honda shop to pull the codes from the Traction Control Module. It may or may not be related to the DTC that turned on the CEL.

You may also have erratic idle due to the DTC or just the engine shaking off the results of inactivity. I’ve noticed rough running on other cars after a long period of inactivity, but it returns to normal operation after a day or two.

Get the codes read, and let’s go from there.

Was the battery dead after those 60 days?


No it wasn’t.