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Check Engine Light Stays On

I have: 1) unscrewed and screwed back on properly the gas cap and did the three driving trips. Light still stayed on. 2) Took it to my mechanic who plugged it into the computer. No codes came up.

He thought it could be wet coils. He turned off the light. I went home parked the car for the day. This morning light back on. I’ll have to bring it back to my guy, but was wondering if anyone is familiar with this problem? Is it weird or easily (read cheap) fixed. Thanks so much!!! Vickie

Take your Acura to an auto parts store that offers free code scans. Let them see if they can get a code. If your check engine light is on you should have a code stored. If they pull a code then write it down and then post the code here. We can narrow the problem down for you. No use taking it back to the “guy”.

I will do this and be back as soon as I do with info. Thank you so very much. Vickie

if the CEL was on, there IS a code stored…

don’t know what a CEL is, but the TCS (Traction Control System) light came on along with the engine check light. After awhile and several times pushing a button marked TCS that light went out.

On most cars, the Traction Control System (TCS) and the Vehicle Stability System (VSS) will be disabled when the Check Engine Light (CEL) is illuminated. The illuminated TCS light was probably telling you that the TCS is not working.

Since the Engine Control Module (ECM) has to “communicate” with the TCS and the VSS, once a problem is detected by the On Board Diagnostic system (OBD), the TCS and VSS become non-functional.

Is that alphabet soup clear?

CEL=check engine light. I give myself a “Duh!”

Re the alphabet soup, all was clear…stopping at AutoZone on my way home tonight. Again, thank you so much! V.