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2000 VW Passat Wagon, passenger door locks and gas cap cover issue

Trying to figure out why there is no power to switch for gas cap cover. In doing so, a friend of mine used a jumper wire connected to gas cap cover switch harness and got the gas cap cover motor to engage and open the cover. Our suspicion is that there is no power to gas cap cover switch due to a bad relay; also interesting to note that all three passenger door locks do not work remotely nor at the driver’s door switch. Can only lock and unlock the drivers door and the hatch with key and with remote.

Is the gas cap cover power issue possibly related to the same relay that enables the three passenger door locks???

If it is a relay that is bad; which relay is it and where is it? Dealership in Fargo did not have an answer though I suspect I would have to buy the relay from the dealership since it appears no one else carries such a relay.

We came across a number of relays under the dash but my friend was not comfortable removing and or experimenting with the relays since he does not have much experience with Passats.

I have photos of the relays that I can send if that helps. It appears that all or most of the relays have large numbers on them.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

What year? How many miles?
Is this a new problem?
Are you the car’s original owner? Do you know its history?
Has the battery been disconnected for any reason whatsoever recently?

First step: see if there’s power at the gas cap motor. If you don’t know how to do this, than you’d be better IMHO to just take it to a shop that works with automotive electrical systems.

Re: the failure of the FOB, have you tried replacing the battery in the FOB?

Fuse 38 in fuse holder which also provides power to all four door control modules. It goes through the switch then to the motor for fuel tank door unlock. For B5.5 the positive is from fuse 14 in fuse holder.

Yep, fuse is my first guess. Even if it looks good replace it.