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2006 VW Passat Electrical or Computer Issue?

Not sure what the problem is and hope to have a better idea before I take the car to a mechanic (non-dealership). When I drive I always have the radio or CD player on and when I turn the car off the radio is still “on” (I don’t turn it off first). When I start the car again sometimes the radio comes back on and sometimes it doesn’t. There are other intermittent items, like opening/closing the sunroof, etc… No issue with the power locks or windows (yet). Should I be concerned?

There could be a problem with the ignition switch causing the trouble. One of the switch sections may be intermittent.

I had the same problem with my 2002 passat. I would be driving and the sunroof would just open on it’s own. My car was under warranty and every time I brought it in they never found a problem. I got rid of it in 2005 because of many other problems.

Steveng - fortunately my sunroof doesn’t open and close on its own. It just doesn’t always respond properly when I turn the dial.

Cougar - thanks. I figure it has something to do with the ignition. This will help me send them in the right direction.

Has your battery disconnected for any significant amount of time (more than a couple minutes)? Sounds to me like the computer got confused, and needs to be reset.

Chances are the trouble is with the ignition switch but if not I would then check out the power connection to those points having trouble starting at the fuse connection.