2009 Volvo S80 doesn’t recognize the door is shut

why doesn’t my 2009 volvo s80 not recognize when my drivers’ door is shut

Does the dome light remain lit? If so, it sounds like the switch is bad.

Thank you for your quick response Dave. What switch are you referring to? As you may know, newer cars don’t use a door jam switch like older ones so I having trouble finding the mechanism that tells the car that the door is open or shut

I dunno about “newer” cars because my Corolla is the same year as your Volvo and it has door jamb switches. It might be a Volvo thing. Still, it’s just common sense that there has to be a switch somewhere that tells the car the door is open. There’s probably one inside the door if you can’t find it in any obvious location, possibly integrated with the latch.

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Hi Dave, with all my digging around looking for a definitive answer, the absence of a door jam switch does point to the Latch and makes the most sense. However i can’t get anyone or any article to tell me that the latch is the answer. Thank you for your input so far.

It looks like you’re going to have to bite the bullet and take it to a dealer or an independent shop that knows Volvo’s. The switch might not even be the problem but it’s likely IMHO.

First off, let me qualify my answer by saying that I am not a late model Volvo expert and I do not have any late model wiring schematics for reference. My answer is based on dealing with similar problems in other cars.

Odds are the door will have to be gone into as Volvo likely uses some small switches in the handle and/or door latch assembly and one of them has failed. These can sometimes be a pain to deal with due to limited access. The switches are generally small, somewhat delicate, and it generally means replacement of the handle or latch assembly.

I had this problem surface on my Lincoln about 6 yeara ago. I managed to fix it but did not expect it to last. I got 5ish years out of it before it boogered up again and the message center is now showing “Door Ajar” again even though it is closed. Changing the handle assembly on the Lincoln is a nightmare and I just have not rounded up enough incentive and red blood cells to have at it again.

To make things worse, I think the switches on my Sonoma truck are messing up as of a week ago and since there is no door jam switch so this means door disassembly.

Thank you for your input. Your theory is right on with mine so I guess I’ll start on the door latch assembly today. Thank you again