2000 Volvo S70 ETM

My car has about 180,000 miles, is right outside of the ten year “warranty” on the ETM and now needs the second ETM replaced. It’s going to run about $1200 for this repair. The repair will replace it with the same Volvo part (that doesn’t last well). An option that someone told me about was to buy a replacement part at xemodex.com which has a lifetime warranty. I am hesitant to do this because the website appears sketchy and no mechanic wants to do this. There is also a question of whether anyone can do this without the computer system, although the xemodex website says they program the ETM so a computer system is not necessary. Has anyone does this? Or does this sound foolish? Alternatively, should I even shell out $1200 on a 2000 Volvo with 180,000 miles?