Volvo 2000 S70 ETM issues

My Volvo S70 is having a heck of a time passing the computer part of its smog test because some sensors are failing to connect to the computer. Long story short, after the Volvo dealership diagnosed the problem as a faulty electronic throttle module (ETM), I bought a refurbished ETM from a reputable online supplier and had my mechanic replace it. The sensors are still failing to connect, although the car runs perfectly fine (as it did even before all this smogging problem started). I have until the end of January to fix this problem, and I’d REALLY, REALLY appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

The vehicle has to be driven thru a drive cycle in order to get the readiness monitors to reset. A drive cycle is where the vehicle is driven under certain conditions for a certain period of time.

Here’s the drive cycle for your vehicle.