2000 volvo recall

HELP! I received a recall notice from Volvo for the throttle system last year. I have taken it to two dealers,spent $500 and still the car losses power at 1800 RPMs. They have reprogramed the softeware (no charge), replaced the gas pedal ($300) and the power cable to the battery ($200). Each of these repairs has not changed the problem. The problem did not exist until three months after the reprograming was done. What do I do? Please help me…

Maybe they can do another reprogramming.

You might get some useful information if you would provide at least a little detail about the car.
It’s a 2000 Volvo. There’s about a dozen + models.

Which one? Turbocharged or not? How many miles on the car? Any Check Engine Light coming on? Rough idle, bucking and jerking, etc.? Just a general sluggish running? Automatic or manual transmission?
Does it run fine until it hits 1800 RPM or what?
What recall for the throttle system is this? A look through 4 or 5 models on ALLDATA only shows one recall in regards to a software upgrade and one in regards to the EVAP system.

The vehicle is 8 years old with ??? miles and do not assume the dealer was the cause of your problems.