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02 volvo question

I have a Volvo s60 it is a 2002, had problems with the throttle body and needed to replace it. Was told by the dealer they would not reprogram a used throttle body. The dealer said the throttle body would cost $1,000 Plus 160 dollars to reprogram it. I can pick up a used throttle body with the exact same colored sticker on eBay for about $100. But it would still need to be programmed. And since the dealer will not do it. And the car is only worth about $1,500 they got me over a barrel. The car engine and transmission run fine. So I guess if I can’t find someone who can reprogram the used throttle body I guess my only other option is to junk the vehicle. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know

Find a good independent shop with Volvo experience. I have no idea about the ‘reprogram the throttle body’ issue, but it sounds odd to me.

I would also post this on a Volvo forum, somebody there might know.

Whoo boy, a Volvo ETM is married to the VIN. Need dealer software to perform the marriage with new parts. Not sure if it can be wiped and then treated as a new ETM but this seems to be a common complaint if you look online. Timely topic alongside the “Right to Repair” thread…

“ETM” = what, exactly?

I believe it’s “Electronic Throttle Module”

Thank you for your reply, I do understand that the throttle body is married to the VIN that is the problem. It almost forces you to junk good running autos. Because Volvo forces you to buy a new part and will not program a used part. As I said above do you work with a Volvo dealer at $1,300, on a $1,500 car just doesn’t work for me. I have contacted independent shops in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area. And they cannot help me. So I think Volvo has me over a barrel, but I can tell you this I purchased a car in 07, and will never purchase another one due to this absurd policy I’ve not reprogramming used parts. I know what they are trying to get me to do is buy a new car and not repair the old one. I am done with Volvos for that reason. However I will bet somewhere someone has figured out a way around this, rather than junk their vehicle. As always thank you for your time I truly do appreciate it

Thank you for your time and your reply, I have tried independent shops in the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area. However Volvo makes the software so expensive to reprogram the throttle body, that most independent shops can’t afford it. I was told the software is $5,000 per year for an independent shop. That is why I am done with the Volvo, I purchase this car in 07 and paid a lot of money for it and now Volvo wants to screw me by telling me I must buy a new Volvo part and pay for programming at a cost of $1,200. Not going to do that on a $1,500 car. As always thank you for your time and reply I do truly appreciate it

You are correct

Unfortunately, this is becoming a wider trend. We had a post not too long ago regarding someone trying to swap out an ECM with the same kind of issue. Some sub-modules are also being married now to thwart theft but in the end, real owners are also being impacted because they cannot reasonably service their property.

That being said, what is the actual problem with your module? Reason I ask is it may just need cleaning or an actuator be replaced but service shops can resort to module swapping rather than repairing what you have. I’ve seen instances posted online of people repairing these modules and as long as the identifying codes remain intact (i.e. the main body/electronics are not replaced), re-calibration can be done.

Can’t wait for the oil filter to be VIN-linked :open_mouth:


as a WAG: if old throttle module has mechanical problems and electronics is still good => buy less worn used body, transition electronic board into it ?

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Join the club!
When friends and neighbors ask my opinion of Volvos, my standard reply is…
I owned a Volvo… ONCE!

If they ask for details, I explain the unreliability of most Volvo models, as well as the absurdly expensive cost of repairing them.

Back about 1975 my future boss bought a new Volvo. About every other week it was in the shop with some problem or another. It seemed like some simple repairs like a fuel injection issue require hours of shop time disassembling the engine to get to it. This might be a good opportunity to get something else, if swapping the board out doesn’t work.

You are most likely correct, and not buy another one. Since when they get old, it is impossible to use junk yard parts. As always thank you for your time and reply it is much appreciated

Back 2 years ago I purchased an XC90 T6, when I told my buddy that I purchased one he said oh my you got a transmission eater, I immediately sold it. without even putting a hundred miles on it. I’ll never run another one either. As always thank you for your reply and time it is greatly appreciated

See my reply below about the XC90

It would still have to be reprogrammed as the throttle body is Vin specific, and that’s my problem I can’t find a dealer who will do that on a used throttle body. As always thank you for your time and reply I do appreciate it

If they could figure out how to do that I’m sure the crooks at Volvo would do it

I sent the throttle body out to BBA reman they said they could rebuild it but I got it back saying it was unrepairable. That’s when I decided to try and get a used throttle body from eBay. That’s when I found out the dealers will not touch a used throttle body and they are Vin specific. As always thank you for your time I appreciate it

Have you tried larger metro areas like Philadelphia or Baltimore/Washington?