2000 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe - Treansmission issue

car will go into gear, no grinding. Car running, clutch works, no grinding. Could it be that the standard transmission oil (grease) level is to low ? I have no way checking the level.

What is your car doing wrong?


I’m with @Purebred . It doesn’t sound like there’s a problem. If you’re asking whether you should change the gear oil as a matter of maintenance, it couldn’t hurt. A VW dealer or independent shop that specializes in German cars can recommend the correct oil.

It’s difficult to tell if you are describing a car that won’t move or whether you just asking about a fluid level.

I read this, right or wrong, as a car that won’t move? If so, a broken axle, stripped splines in a hub, or a bad clutch no matter how well you think it works. A more serious cause would be an internal trans failure which can happen with no noise.