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91 Grand Prix Transmission Sound

I have a sound coming from my engine compartment that sounds like the power steering fluid is low, but it’s like 10 times louder and the fluid level is fine. I suspect the transmission because it’s the only similar (hydraulic-type) process I can think of, apart from the brakes, but I can’t imagine the brakes making this type of sound.

I’m second owner of this car and have faithfully maintained it over the last 140,000 miles (the car has 208k miles on it). However, recently I had to join a manhunt that took me out into the deer tracts where I took it over some pretty rugged and very steep terrain. I never would have done it were it not for the fact it was my brother we were looking for. I collected a few bumps on the bottom of the car, but after susequent inspection, there was no damage to any vital systems, no dents in either pan, no bends to the front end parts (It’s been a great car). The transmission, though, has been showing a bit of indecision around 40 mph where it seems unable to decide which gear it wants to run in, especially when climbing a slight grade. This tranny has always had just a little trouble deciding that, but after the deer tracts, it seems to have gotten worse.

Is this something I can work on externally, or is it time to start saving for a rebuild? How can I be sure?

I failed to mention, the transmission fluid level is also fine and the fluid looks clean and sparkly red just like when I put it in about 20k miles ago.

Also, this is an STE if that matters.