2000 Toyota Tundra acceleration trouble

i have a 2000 toyota tundra 4x4 4.7 liter engine. has 142k miles and has just today stopped accelerating except when the pedal is pushed all the way down and then goes to high rpms! undrivable! but i made it to the grocery store and back… idles fine, starts…

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, pull the transmission dip stick out and check the color of the transmission fluid.

If the color is dark

it means the transmission is slipping, and the fluid is getting darker from the heat.


Well thanks but this appears to be an accelerator position sensor at the throttle body, apparently it has failed, will let you know if replacing it fixes the problem…

If the throttle position sensor fails the ECU will disable the electronic throttle control however there is a mechanical back up. If you floor the accelerator the throttle will open about 20%, there is just enough throttle control to limp home but high RPMs will not be possible in gear while driving.

Tester mentioned the automatic transmission fluid level, but don’t 1st Gen Tundras have a sealed transmission?

That is correct, and what I did, also got new throttle, works like new! Thanks will keep you guys in mind next incident!