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Car Accelerating Like Its In Neutral

so basically i have an automatic 2000 ford e-450 v10 and in first gear it almost sounds like its in neutral because it revs so high but moves so slow, but once it reaches like 2nd and so on it catches speed faster! the speedometer and odometer dont work, the needle just doesnt move so i was wondering if maybe some kind of sensor was messing up something or if i have a tranny problem! the fluid level looks alright and the tranny fluid doesnt smell burnt!

I really think that everyone tried to give their best advice in the prior thread that you created on this topic, namely:

To summarize–You really need to have the van towed to a well-reputed independent transmission shop for diagnosis.

In your previous thread, you did tell us that the fluid was brown and “didn’t smell great–maybe a little bit burnt”. That symptom, coupled with the slipping that you describe, makes it fairly clear that the friction surfaces are being worn away every time that you attempt to accelerate. In other words, every time that you drive the vehicle, you are making the potential repair bill higher.

Just be prepared for the shop to give you a verdict of “rebuild needed”. If it turns out to be merely the need for an electronic repair, then you will be pleasantly surprised (as will most of the folks who responded initially!).

For the future, remember that this type of problem is what tends to happen if the trans fluid is not changed every 3 yrs/30k miles.