2000 Explorer(XLT) seems to be losing engine power

My SUV seems to be losing power,when i attempt to accelerate at minimum speeds or fast speeds.Just started to run this way,last night.I checked trans. & oil fluids,2day.Both needed re-plenished(did that),& still no change.

There’s not enough info here to get too specific, but just how much engine oil and transmission fluid did you have to add?

Does the engine appear to rev higher but the vehicle will not move accordingly?
Any bucking and jerking going on?
Do the engine RPMs stay down and the vehicle appears to just become very sluggish?
Any Check Engine Light on?

What’s it doing when you try to accelerate? Is the engine revving faster but not pulling the vehicle along faster? Or is the engine refusing to rev faster?

The first would indicate a toasted tranny (I assume since you checked the tranny fluid that you have an automatic?), the second would indicate either an engine problem, a fuel delivery problem, or a plugged exhaust system (uncommon but possible).

An engine problem could be a number of things including a throttle position sensor.

A fuel delivery system could be a plugged filter or a weak pump…or even a saturated charcoal canister in the EVAP system. The gas tank breaths in through the charcoal bed and if the bed is saturated a vacuum will develop in the tank and make it hard for the pump to pump.

Any check engine light symptoms?

2 quarts of transmission fluid,was added.

The engine revs higher,but not moving accordingly.
The transmission seems to kick in gear late & seems to struggle during accelerations.
Check engine light is on.

2 quarts of transmission fluid,was added. !!!

Sounds like it’s struggling,when i accellerate.

The automatic transmission is losing fluid… and, that’s not good. Have a mechanic check out the transmission to see if the transmission is slipping, now. Just by the automatic transmission running low on fluid, can damage the transmission…causing slipping, and other problems. The “struggling” would, more likely, be caused by the engine needing routine maintenance performed. Can you remember when any routine maintena8ce was done?

Huh? Get this to a tranny shop! And PRAY!

Past negligence will get you a big bill…