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2000 Toyota Tacoma - Dash lights

Replaced all bulbs in dash with LEDs. Worked for few months but think there is a short bc they do not come on. occasionally the left side RPM will light up. When I depress the brakes, both blinkers light up on the dash. Faint light up, not full brightness. All dash lights will come on in cold weather for some reason. Not for my full 30 min trip to work, but for the most part. Where do I start testing for the short. I’m thinking the brake wires or tailgate harness since the blinker dash lights up. The weirdest thing! And after 19 years, I pretty much know how fast I am going by feel since I can’t see the MPH in the 5am dark. Thannk you and I love your show!

I would recommend you start by removing all the LED’s and putting back the proper incandescent lamps. Putting LED’s into an instrument panel not originally equipped with them rarely works out.

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