Check engine light flashed, then shut off

2002 Grand Marquis, 150k+

The CEL started flashing on me with some sputtering. I pulled over to check the code and it stopped. Stopped sputtering as well. Drove a few miles and the exact same thing happened and it again stopped when I pulled over. It didn’t happen again for two weeks until today and I still can’t get a code.

New coils a few months ago, plugs about a year old. Runs fine otherwise.

A flashing Check Engine light indicates a major misfire is occurring.

I wouldn’t be driving this vehicle until it’s found out what’s causing the flashing Check engine light, as it can result in damaged catalytic converters and engine.


Thanks for the reply. I understand the seriousness. The problem is I won’t get the code or symptoms if it isn’t run. Not sure how to approach.

There’s a code stored in the computer as a history code.

Any shop with the proper equipment can retrieve the history codes.


That I didn’t know. I will drop it off with my mechanic. Thank you.

I had a similar problem, the computer failed and the failure also resulted in a no-code condition.

A misfire fault (minor or major) will be a “pending” fault on the current ignition cycle, the misfire needs to occur on two consecutive ignition cycles to become a stored fault. The pending fault information will be erased if the fault is not detected again. Take your code reader with you and connect it while the problem occurs.

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