2000 Toyota Camry alarm acting weird

It happened this morning for the first time. I got to work, got out of my car and started heading towards the door. I pressed the lock button on my fob like always, except this time I didn’t hear the normal beep. So I pressed it again and I heard the locks engage, but still no beep. So I went back to right beside the car and pressed the unlock button. It beeped twice and unlocked, like normal. Then I hit the lock button again. Again, no beep, but the locks did engage, and then a few seconds after I’d hit the button, it sounded like they tried to engage again (like if I had hit the lock button twice in a row). Also, the little red light that is also a button (though I can’t figure out if pushing it actually does anything) to the left of the steering wheel is blinking. Perhaps it is just because I don’t pay attention to it when everything is working fine, but I don’t remember it blinking before. I got out of the car and just locked it manually and went to work. Didn’t want to engage the alarm and then not be able to disengage it for some reason.

Any idea why my locking beep went away and the car seems to try to lock itself twice even though I only push the button once? Thanks.

The alarm system may be set to a valet mode if you have that mode. Check your Owner’s Manual.

I didn’t get the owner’s manual when I bought the car used. What is valey mode? Any idea how to turn it on or off? Thanks, Cougar.

I should also mention that this is still the factory alarm system, not an after-market system. Thanks.

Try pushing the button, it should stop blinking.
Go somewhere it will not bother people and use remote to lock then shake car to make sure it works.Push red button and try same thing again to see what the difference is.
How old is the battery?