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Engine shakes when turning wheel

So I’m automotive ignorant. Here is my situation. I have a 2004 Hyundai Elentra. When I turn the wheel to the right or left 75% of the time the engine moves and there is a grinding or clunking noise. It only happens when the car is in drive or reverse and the brake pedal is pressed down. So it starts that shaking when the wheel hits the 10 or 2 spot on the wheel. It doesn’t happen with it is in park. The other day I slammed on the breaks at a stop and burned rubber. I also hit a curb on the right that day. I had a suspension guy I know take a quick look and he says there is a lot of engine movement and thinks I should try changing the torque mount whatever that is. He thinks when I slammed on the breaks it moved the engine. But why would it grind when the break is pressed and the wheel is turned? does this sound like a mount issue or like a break issue? The back breaks have a squeak but that was happening before this happened. Online everyone talks about cv joints and how dangerous it is to drive on bad ones. Starting a new job this week and want to make sure it will make the drive and that it doesn’t sound like a cv joint or something serious. Any thoughts from knowledgeable people would be appreciated

If one of the motor mount is damaged the engine can twist more than it normally should. This twisting…along with the weight shift from braking could be allowing the serpentine belt or a pulley to rub where it shouldn’t.
This is why you hear the grinding when braking in a turn.

I would take it to a competent mechanic to be diagnosed before you wear out something prematurely.


“the engine moves” ? what exactly does this mean?


What is so hard about the word Brake ?

Thank you Yosemite. I really appreciate it. And BillRussel/Volvo V70, I’m sorry I spelled brake wrong. Your write, im just plane annoyed win I here people do that two.

Bill, let’s say I am parked in my driveway. I put the car in drive and press on the brake. Then if I turn the wheel in either direction the engine will start shaking. It makes kind of a clunking or grinding sound until I move the wheel back to its normal position.

It does sound like an engine or transmission mount problem. The only other thing I can come up with – just a guess — is that the engine computer on many cars is supposed to increase the idle rpm when the steering wheel is being turned. This is to prevent stalling caused by the engine loading from the power steering pump. So perhaps that isn’t working the engine rpm is getting too low when you turn the steering wheel, which could cause a shaking.

Engine computer is programmed to increase engine rpm with the steering wheel ? Yipes

I would go with the known issue of engine mounts…if your engine and trans is now able to shift in its mount location…you will get lots of fun noises and other mayhem… They need to be supported and restrained by the engine mounts…that is their job. Not hard to do…or usually expensive to do… and Important.