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Drive it into the ground or sell now?

I have a 1994 Saturn SL4 with ~ 155K miles. In the past 2 years I have been putting more and more oil into it and now use about 1 quarter every other time I fill with gas, so about every 400-500 miles. It seems to go through oil quicker on long trips rather than city driving.

I thought I was just burning the oil because I have never noticed spots on the street where I park and because lately I have definitely been able to smell it when I am idling with the window down. I took it in today for an oil change and was told the entire bottom of my engine is coated in oil.

I am 9 months away from finishing graduate school and have no sentimental value in the car. Is it likely that this problem could be fixed by a mechanic for an affordable price or would it take hundreds for the mechanic to even figure out the problem? Should I just continue to keep my fingers crossed and drive it as long as possible?

A case of oil is quite cheap from walmart. Forget about fixing this. Just keep topping it and honestly I would not worry about oil changes except maybe every 5-6k miles.

Keep those fingers crossed and have the standard Saturn owner trunk accessory, a case of oil. Seriously I know four owners who have them.

Oil getting on the exhaust pipe or cat converter may or may not result in a fire.

Without actually looking at the engine I suspect the valve covers are leaking. (NO guarantee)

Someone mechanically inclined with a few tools could replace them.

If you can smell oil burning, you are getting noxious fumes in the cabin.

I would at least pay to find the source of the leak…It might just be something cheap and simple, like the oil pressure sending switch. The oil is dripping down on the hot exhaust pipe, that’s what you smell…Locate the leak before you condemn the car…