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2000 nissan xterra right fender

Hi guys, I need some help on swapping out my 2000 nissan xterra right fender. It was hit and has a deep dent.
I googled it but could not find any instructions with pictures. The guys at the salvage yard tell me it’s an easy job, but never showed me how. Any ideas?? Thanks and happy Friday!!

Its normally easy enough to just eyeball such a thing especially if you have a replacement fender sitting there. You just look at the new fender at everything that appears to be a mount and use it as a guide to find everything.

Alternatively, a $20 repair manual from an auto parts store would probably give you a step by step.

In cases like this I’ll often stop at the dealer’s shop and ask the counter guy if he’ll print up an “exploded view” drawing of the assembly for me. They’ve always been happy to. It’s worth a try.

Excellent, thank you. Never even thought of that.

Thank you cigroller and the same mountainbike.