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Need help with repair

So some time ago a car crashed on my mazda 6 and damaged the left fender. I can easily repair it with the help of my father but I dont know where i can buy a new fender with the same properties (color, texture, material, gloss). How can i find out what part i need to buy? Who would help me find out? Autozone? Thanks in advance!

What makes you think you can easily repair it? The replacement fenders don’t come pre painted and painting and clear coating is not for first time due it your self type repair.
The real question is why is the other persons insurance not repairing your vehicle. If it was a hit and run and you have full coverage contact your agent.

Try these guys

The dealer sells exact match fenders but they are all in black primer ready to paint. You can have it painted at a body shop before you put it on or put it on and then have a body shop paint it the correct color. Or you can go to a salvage yard and try and find a used one in the correct color.

The easiest and cheapest method is to find a matching color fender from a salvage yard (maybe LKQ) or even on eBay.

I would also hope there is nothing else damaged because if the wheel was hit hard or the fender really caved in then odds are something else is damaged; control arm, strut tower, etc, etc, etc.

VOLVO V70: Possibly because if it was hit and run and they have full coverage they will have to pay the deductible. Mine is $250 but nowdays $500 to $1,000 is common.

You never said money a problem.

  1. If that’s the case, you will need to order one online. You can get the part number from your local dealership and get it painted by a collision repair shop. Most dealership have the info for them. And just install it your self, if the rest of the body perfectly align.

  2. If money is a problem, go to the junk yard. Find the same make and model and year. Pull it off and get home and sand it down. Then go to harbor freight tools and pick up a spray paint gun. Do it yourself or pay someone under the table to help you out. You can get the exact paint number from the dealer ship Or Collison repair shop. Then install it your self.

But check with your insurance company first and see if they cover it. Cuss it might seem fine, but you won’t know till a second pair of eyes takes a look at it.

Good ideas above. In my area there’s an auto parts recycling place called “Pick and Pull” or something to that effect. If they have the part you need, you can probably save some money by getting your replacement fender there. Google that name, and it should show the nearest one to you. Click on that web site, and it will list the cars they currently have in their lot. If they have the same one as yours, take a drive to the place and hopefully the fender will still be on it. Then it comes down to the picking and pulling. If you are extremely lucky, it might be the correct color. Wishful thinking, but sometimes good stuff happens, right?