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2000 Nissan Xterra Circuit board repair

The circuit board controlling the odometer,tach, speedometer, etc is intermittently faulty and the part is no longer manufactured. Any recommendations on repair facilities? Do you know if the original data ie miles travelled will be saved? Thank you for your time!

You can try a salvage yard. You can do a national search or state search at Might have to use a different part to zero in on who has that vehicle. Another option would be a radio and speedometer factory repair shop. I know for GM there is one in St. Paul that worked for me. Even if a Delco shop couldn’t help, they probably would know who could repair the board.

As far as the mileage goes, it is a different chip in the body control module and can’t be altered by normal folks.

Try E-Bay.

Here is a link to one place that will repair them. There are a number of places that will work on them.

BBA remanufacturing inc.


Good Luck…

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