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Nissan Xterra 2000

My Nissan dealer replaced the transmission sensor, after running it thru quality check, they found the wire harness has a break in it. If they can’t reroute a splice around the wire harness break, they said the car in “NOT REPAIRABLE” and nothing can be done–interpretation—throw away the car. They said Nissan no longer makes the wire harness & thats that!!! anyone hear of a NON REPAIRABLE CAR from a dealer

I used to work at a dealer and I can tell you two things.
Wire harnesses are often not stocked, and they can be difficult to get.
After some time, some parts are no longer available.

Ask the dealer to check which other Nissan dealers have this harness. If another dealer has it, ask them to get it.

Yes I have heard of this. Here is what is going on. They dont want to repair the simple wiring issue (most likely) because by wiring AROUND any fault or broken wire while repairing the issue also makes them liable for anything that happens afterward…and they dont want that liability.

Its probably one broken wire or something like this…Tell them to show you or direct you to the wire or connection that is faulty…and then fix it yourself… They just dont want to be liable for repairing instead of replacing the entire harness which the company ethics manual probably dictates.

Just repair it yourself…I have done so on so many vehicles I have long ago lost count…wires break and connections get dirty and fail all the time… I also would never accept a complete wire harness replacement due to one faulty wire…its wasteful and silly