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97 Nissan Pathfinder swerving at 50plus mph

I have a 97 Nissan Pathfinder and around 50mph, sometimes it’ll do it at less speed, if I’m not accelerating it starts to wobble and it’s a bad wobble but as soon as I accelerate it stops, the wobble is enough it would flip the vehicle if I let it go too long

What you have described are the classic symptoms of either a broken anti-sway bar (frequently, erroneously referred to as a “sway bar”), or a broken anti-sway bar link.

It is not common for the anti-sway bar itself to break, but I have seen broken anti-sway bar links on vehicles of several makes, and they all displayed the same symptoms as your vehicle.

This is a definite safety issue, so I urge you to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic sooner, rather than later.


Thanks allot man will do I planned on taking it in anyways rather than fixing a bunch of stuff myself until I found the issue but I wanted a ball park to tell them so time isn’t wasted locating the issue, I took it to one shop where I got it inspected and they had no idea I was going to start with rods and go to ball joints and in

You need a suspension specialist. Don’t tell him what to fix, let him take the time to look over the whole front and rear suspension and you won’t waste money on unnecessary repairs


Thanks buddy

My 47 year old truck developed a bit of a wobble one time, noticed mostly at lower speeds , and that turned out to be degraded control arm bushings. Your Pathfinder’s problem is very likely something to do w/the suspension or steering system. Find a well recommended inde shop and get an evaluation. This is something that shop’s are very good at as they can put the vehicle on their lift and poke, prod, and lever the parts to see where’s there too much play or something broken. Note that is is possible the rear suspension is involved too.