2000 nissan frontier brakes


I went to the Nissan dealer last week to have my a/c fixed and after wards they told me I am close to needing the front brake pads replaced as well. I am thinking of doing this myself and wanted to know if it is difficult to do?


It’s not technically difficult, but it will require some tools. Pick up a repair manual at the local parts store, read the appropriate section thoroughly, and see if you think you’re up to it.

By the way, you don’t indicate your level of mechanical aptitude. If you feel unsure after reading the manual or have no mechanical aptitude you may want to have a shop do it. Brakes aren’t something you want to run exploratory experiments with.

  • mountainbike


Thanks for the feedback. I will take your advice and look into a manual to see what all is involved. Happy trails.


Not a very difficult job.
This is probably most at home mechanics’ first job, not counting fluid changes.



Thanks Matt Iam going to give it a go.