Front driver side wheel makes noise whenever I hit the brakes. What parts need to be replaced?


There is a screeching sound from the wheel just about everytime I hit the brakes. It almost sounds as if someone is dragging a sheet of metal down the street.

I may want to try a DIY repair or just buy the parts myself so I can save money on getting professional repair.

What parts do you think need to be replaced?


'05 Camry

The brake pads have wear indicators attached to them that will make that noise when the pads become worn.


They’re the small metal pieces you see on the left side of the image.

So, the car will probably need a set of front brake pads and two new rotors.



At least brakes work. Now.

If your plan is to buy cheap parts and have a mechanic install them, I’d reconsider. Yes, shops mark up parts, they have overhead (lots of it). But you end up with a quality repair that they’ll guarantee. If the shop will install your parts (big if), you’re likely not to get a guarantee.

And if you’ve never done brakes, think long and hard about it. Do you have a friend that has done them, and can help you? If not, and you make a mistake, it could be VERY dangerous.


Thank you!

Do you think I should repair the brakes in both front wheels now even though the sound is only coming from one wheel?

Absolutely. Just about all brake repairs are done to both wheels on an axle at the same time. The other side is nearly worn out anyway, I’d bet. Or its noisemaker rusted off or broke.


The brake pads comes as a set for both front wheels.

So, both sides are replaced.

Besides, if one side is worn, so is the other.



Thanks for your input.

I plan on buying the parts from They have quality parts from what I understand.

A friend of mine does know how to do brakes, but he is out of state. I was thinking of getting his advice over the phone, watching some youtube tutorials and then decide whether or not its doable for me.

I think that is a terrible idea . Brakes are just not that simple anymore with ABS . Call a few local brake shops , ask for a ballpark figure and what their warranty is.


My 2 cents. you can pay a little now and get them done correctly or pay a lot latter if you miss something that should be changed ( like a faulty brake hose, leaking caliper,ect) and the brakes fail.
get the brakes done by a PRO now, and then the next time your friend does his brakes you can watch or help him, so you understand what needs to be done.


Thank you.

I just started driving for Uber, and I’m putting a lot of mileage on my car. I’ll probably have to get these repairs done very often.

I can save a load of money in the long term if I learn how to do the repairs myself.

Thats why DIY is important to me.

All the more reason to have your brakes done by professionals. If you were to have an accident because you did not do something right in this brake repair you will be broke for the rest of your life.


When the brakes are behaving this way it is possible that the rotors are scored and need replacement too. Never put fresh lads on scored rotors. If your Camry has ABS it may need a scanner to reset the ABS so that you can install new pads.

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Agree with above advice—have a pro do the brakes. I would have the flexible brake hoses replaced. Do not be surprised if all four brakes need service. A quality brake job should easily last over 30,000 miles even with stop&go uber service,

There’s no reason to replace the brake hoses unless they show evidence of needing replacement.


At 17 years old, I would have them replaced, cheaper now in as much as the system is overdue for brake fluid flush. Waiting until they fail internally just postpones the maintenance.

My car is 25 years old.

And the brake hoses are just fine.


Hey guys, I have an update.

When I arrived back home from the supermarket today, I attempted to reverse into my parking spot, but the car wouldn’t do it. It just stopped.

I drove forward for a little while and was having extra trouble braking. Eventually I heard something metal fall to the ground. I believe it was the brake pad from the driver side wheel.

I drove back to my parking spot and was able to reverse into it this second time. I didn’t drive much after this, so I’m not sure how good the brakes are at this point. I did notice some additional screeching come from the driver side wheel though.

What are your thoughts?
Do you think I’ll be able to safely drive ten minutes to my mechanic tomorrow?

No …


Parts fall out of brakes = have it towed.