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Brake pads

My 2005 Mustang needs new brake pads. I’m fairly certain that i could do this myself, but i have never done anything involving brakes before. Would it be wiser to go to a mechanic to get this done so I don’t screw something up and…um…not stop. and how much would something like that run me.

Brakes are very easy and straight forward to do. Get the workshop manual and follow the instructions. As long as you follow the instructions you can’t go wrong. To be honest if you are looking to do it yourself because you thnk you will enjoy it then go for it, if you are thinking of doing it yourself to save money don’t. Go to midas or some such brake specialist and they’ll do them about as cheap as if you do it yourself. If you go the ‘outsourced’ route have a look at the discs yourself by taking off a wheel so you know the score when they try and upsell you a set of discs.

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